Olive oil is a valuable good for the health of skin. Homer had described it as the “liquid gold”. Olive oil is a true source of beauty and life.

Since ancient times olive oil is used for the production of perfumes and toiletries. In Homeric times, the oil was exclusively used for the care of the body. Odysseus, when he got shipwrecked on the island of Corfu, removed the dust from his body and then rubbed his body with oil, which was given him by the handmaids.

Aristotle on the Athenian Constitution mentions that the winners of races received oil as a prize.

The ancient Greeks believed that the oil eliminates wrinkles and slows the fall of hair. Athletes rubbed their bodies with large quantities of olive oil before participating in the games, and so did the warriors before fighting a battle.

The oil used was of excellent quality and often flavoured with herbs and aromatic plants. The cleaning process was ritualized. When there were no soaps, olive oil played an important role in people’s lives.

When a family was unable to produce or be supplied with olive oil, it could not survive. The Romans learned from the ancient Greeks to appreciate oil as an article of beauty and to produce various kinds of essential oils. Olive oil, in fact, thanks to the protective fats it contains, protects the skin from oxidative damage caused by environmental pollution.

It has rejuvenating, hydrating and softening properties, and for this reason it was used in many creams, soaps and perfumes.


1. Mix excellent quality organic extra virgin olive oil with some clay and mould the mixture. Apply on your face for about 5-10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

2. Mix water, lemon juice and excellent quality organic extra virgin olive oil and whisk like mayonnaise. Spread the mixture on the face for 10 minutes for deep hydration.


Make a mixture of excellent quality organic extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and do a light massage before going to bed. Leave overnight.


Mix equal parts of excellent quality organic extra virgin olive oil and salt. Massage the entire body and rinse.


1. Heat some oil in the microwave and dip your hands for ten minutes.

2. Mix a spoonful of sugar with oil and do a massage on your hands. The result is amazing.


Mix a lemon juice with a little organic extra virgin olive oil and one egg yolk. Spread the mixture on your hair and do a light massage.


Mix excellent quality organic extra virgin olive oil with some rosemary and do a light massage for 5 minutes to the roots of the hair.


Do a light massage with oil and rosemary.


Insert your fingers in warm olive oil for 5 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.


Modern Cosmetology, i.e. the science that deals with human beauty, has significant achievements to demonstrate in recent decades.

It places all its information and knowledge in the service of beauty, contributing to rational design of cosmetic products, distinguished by a high degree of safety and efficacy.

Modern cosmetics, when selected appropriately for each case and used correctly and consistently, provide significant assistance to both beauty and the preservation of a healthy skin and its components.

They can help greatly in the restoration of skin wear and damage, protect skin from poisonous environmental factors, promote and activate its physiological functions, normalize some deviations of its functions (such as excessive dehydration or excessive oiliness).

They thus contribute to the improvement and preservation of good skin health; and, of course, they definitely slow down the wear and ageing of the skin and its components. However, we must admit that there is no cosmetic that is a panacea and can work miracles, as some manufacturers misleadingly claim, creating thereby unfulfilled consumer expectations.

Cosmetics are not medications that cure diseases, but preparations which can prevent the onset of damage and malfunctions. However, we must not forget that an important factor to achieve what cosmetics and their manufacturing companies promise, is choosing the right products and their proper use by the aesthetician and the end user.


The company Cavallier cosmetics LTD is a dynamic company manufacturing and marketing organic cosmetics products of personal care.

Its presence in the field of production and creation of cosmetics preparations for 17 years has provided it with the necessary expertise and experience in product development, providing innovative and pioneering products which respect and are fully friendly with humans and the environment.

Having man and nature at its epicentre, the company moved on to the development and production of organic cosmetics certified by competent bodies which stand close to nature and man. The production of organic products is a task which requires continuous monitoring of permitted substances and methods in the product development process, while subjected to rigorous testing for product safety and its identification as organic.

Deterministically, the production of organic products is strictly assigned to companies that possess qualified personnel and apply international standards.

The manufacture of products is undertaken by the company, which complies with the rules and norms of the European standard, while is also a body of production of organic cosmetics approved by the Hellenic Single Entity of Drug Administration.

The process of certifying organic cosmetic products is performed by the approved and authorized Institute for the Ethic Certification, ICEA, which aims to produce organic and environmentally friendly cosmetic products based on specific standards.

Following the certification standard ensures the effective implementation of environmental measures in the production process of products, respect for the consumer and the use of natural raw materials of superior ecological quality.