Who we are

«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» is an extroverted family business of dealing with production and standardization of extra virgin olive oil based in Lygourio, next to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus.

Certified with the Food Safety and Quality Assurance Management System ΗACCP – ISO 22000:2018 (TÜV AUSTRIA) the company is a State – of – Art vertical unit consisting of:

  • privately owned organic olive groves at a space of 30 acres
  • privately owned production and storage facilities
  • an olive mill of two (2) production lines covering an area of 500 sq.m., while together with its auxiliary areas a total of ​​1,000 sq.m., with an annual production capacity of 650 tons
  • standardization unit at a space of 650 sq.m. with stainless steel tanks of 100 ton and daily bottling capacity of 20,000 bottles (1 contairer 20 ft / day)
  • covered storage areas for olives, storage silos for defoliation leaves and silos for concentration of pomace, olive oil underground storage tanks in stainless steel, warehouses for packaging materials
  • certified unit for the production of BIO – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (BIO HELLAS S.A.)
  • certified unit for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Protected Designation of Origin PDO Lygourio Asklipiou (AGROCERT)
  • certified unit for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Integrated Agriculture and without any trace of carbon footprint in the environment (AGROCERT)
  • Internationally recognized premium quality olive oils with strong export activity since 1992,

while it is also a unit, which can be visited in its totality throughout the year, operating as a rural tourism unit under the title: “THE GARDEN OF OLIVE TREES“.

Our Story

• 1994. The company «MELAS – ASKLIPIEIO OIL» ıs founded by Evangelos Melas for the standardization and marketing of extra virgin olive oil.
• 1996. Beginning of the standardization of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Protected Designation of Origin PDO Lygourio Asklipiou (L 148 / 21-6-1996), which was registered after actions of Mr. Melas (it ınvolves a cultivated area of ​​80,000 acres in the Municipality of Asklipieio, 1,050,000 olive trees and an annual production of 3,000 tons).
• 2000. The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO – PDO Lygourio Asklipiou is presented for the first time during the International Food and Drinks Exhibition (FANCY FOOD) in New York, U.S.A.
• 2006. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Lygourio Asklipiou wins the gold award at the 4th Oil & Olive Festival in Athens, a national distinction for its quantity and exceptional quality.
• 2007 – 2008 The relocation of the company to its current location in «MELAS ESTATE», Agios Vlasis, Tapia, Ligourio, Argolida is completed.
• 2010. The certified organic line of innovative cosmetics “JEAN BIO” based on the organic extra virgin olive oil is completed.
Since 2010 the company also operates as a model rural tourism / gastronomy unit in its totality throughout the year under the title: «THE GARDEN OF OLIVE TREES».
After the merger of the municipalities of Asklipieio and Epidaurus, the company is renamed to «MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» operating, since then, under this distinctive title.


Since ancient times, the history and culture of Greece are closely linked to the blessed olive tree, an eternal symbol of peace, wisdom, victory, health and prosperity. We protect and care for it with the same love and respect through generations.
The fruit and the juice of the olive tree are the basis of the gastronomic culture of the Greek people and integral part of the Mediterranean diet.
The values ​​of this unique gastronomic tradition inspire us and guide our steps for a future of sustainable development of the company and its people.

Mission - Vision

• Our mission is to offer pure products of high nutritional value aiming to satisfy the need of the modern consumers for health and wellness. Unique products in taste and quality, able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.
• Our vision is to establish «MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN»  in the international market as a model, green Greek company of integrated management of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic products based on olive oil.
Moreover, with epicenter our «GARDEN OF OLIVE TREES»., the development of a network of rural tourism services and activities which promote the olive three and olive oil, as well as the Greek gastronomic culture throughout the world.

Company - Management

«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» operates under the general management of Mr. Evangelos Melas employing permanent and seasonal employees with know-how, long experience and specialization in the administration, technical and olive oil production sectors.
Extroversion and passion for quality penetrate the entire network of human resources of our company.
Through training and implementation of structured procedures, we systematically promote the strict compliance of quality rules by all our employees.


The products of «MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» are exported to various countries around Europe, Asia and America, having been recognized and distinguished in the international market for their excellent quality, superiority of taste and authenticity.
Extroversion is a basic culture of our company which:
• has rich export experience and specialized export stuff
• has the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the foreign customers and the requirements and conditions of the foreign markets
• offers efficient and reliable service to its foreign customers and partners
• is interested in its continuous expansion in the international market by establishing WIN WIN cooperation’s with food distribution and retail companies all around the world.


The company has developed control procedures according to the ISO -22000:2018 standard and the Codex Alimentarius in all stages of its production and operational procedures havıng been certified by many Greek and international organizations:
BIO ELLAS (Certificate for the product)
OIL MILL BIO Certificate of Attestation by the Institute of Control for the production unit (oil mill).
ΒΙΟ CHINA Certificate of Product Attestation by the Certification body in China.
NATURLAND Certificate of Certification Agency for Organic products, concerning product export to America, according to the USDA/NOP.

CERTIFICATION by E.C. Certificate of Registration for Protected Designation of Origin (PDO Lygourio Asklipiou), issued by the Εuropean Community.
AGROCERT Certificate of Inspection & Certification of Agricultural Products (OPEGEP).
INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE (LRQA Business Assurance) Certificate of Approval for Olive Integrated Management System.
ISO-22000: 2018 Certificate of implementation of the Safety and Quality Assurance Management System


Quality and safety of the products is an ever evolving ideology and commitment for «MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN».
• We strictly comply with the current legislation and the specifications of the E.U. for the quality, hygiene and safety of food, as well as with the strict specifications concerning the production of PDO products.
• We carry out quality controls at all stages of production, from the beginning of the cultivation to the final product. Particularly:
• We make sure that the olives are healthy and intact, transported to the olive mill within the same day, immediately crushed at temperatures lower than 27º C – 30º C and kept at a temperature lower than 30º C in all phases of production.
• Olive oil is evaluated and separated correctly (BIO – PDO), stored in optimal conditions and strictly controlled before transport and bottling.
• Any area that houses olive fruit or olive oil in any form should be thoroughly clean and free from from foreign organisms, bacteria or micro-organisms.
• The company cooperates with certified laboratories for the analysis of the samples of all the types of olive oil.
• Packaging materials come only from certified suppliers.
• The rules of hygiene and safety of the staff are thoroughlly observed.
• A digitized traceability system is applied, where the entire path of the product, from the field to the supermarket shelf, is recorded.

Vertical Traceability System

As a member of the Certified Quality Olive Products (El 3P), participating in the programs conducted by the Olive Organizations under the regulations 2080/05, 867/08, the company installed a Vertical Traceability System, providing at the same time an important tool of information to the consumer. Particularly:
• With the company recording a multitude of data in each stage of production, the consumer has the possibility to immediately see the origin, quality and production data of the product he consumes, by entering the unique standardization batch number (LOT), printed on the package, in the special field of the website


The sector of standardization of «MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» includes:
– stainless steel tanks for olive oil of a capacity of 20 tons each, for storing the various types of extra virgin olive oil, which are used for its own bottling
– a bottling line for glass bottles between (100 ml – 750 ml) and a bottling line for cans so that all types of extra virgin olive oil can be bottled under strictly controlled conditions in glass bottles or metal containers, which protect them from oxidation and solar radiation.
– stainless bottling warehouses, where all packaging materials used for safe bottling of olive oil are kept in sanitary facilities.

International Exhibitions

«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» participates in the most important International Exhibitions of the Food and Beverages sector, as well as in all the sectoral Exhibitions in Greece. Specifically:

BIO FACH Nurenberg, Germany
ANUGA Cologne, Germany
SIAL Paris, France
IFE (International Food Exibition) London, United Kingdom
FOODEXPO Athens, Greece

«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» also participates in Exhibitions, tasting and cooking events for the promotion of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, especially of the organic olive oil and the olive oil PDO Lygourio Asklipiou, as products of excellent quality and high nutritional value.

Awards - Distinctions

• 2012. Taste Award for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of organıc farmıng «MELAS» as one of the best medium in intensity, fruity olive oil, in the competition held in the frame of the 5th Olive Oil & Olive Festival at the Peace & Friendship Stadium in Athens
• 2006. Gold Award for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Lygourio Asklipiou
• 2004. Honorary distinction in the company by the International Olive Oil Council.



«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» has an olive oil production unit with an olive oil press.


«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» is established inside an organic olive grove of an area of ​​20 acres, in a low hill-flat land at Lygourio...


«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» is a horizontal and vertical unit with privately-owned organic olive groves and privately-owned...

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