Actions – Social Responsibility

We produce wıth respect to the human and the environment
  • Agro2.1, 2.2 Integrated Farming Group

    With the implementation of the Integrated Management System we have achieved:
    • Verification in all stages of production process.
    • Continuous training and education of the producers concerned.
    • Reduction of production costs through rational use of water, fertilizers, etc.
    • Protection of the health of producers and consumers.
    • Protection of the environment.
    • Production of safe and quality agricultural products which respond to the market requirements.

  • Green Development

    The company succeeds the saving of energy with:
    • double thermo-acoustic glazing and thermal insulation material from mineral wool on the buildings’ double walls
    • use only of olive pits, the by-product of olive oil, as fuel
    • proprietary drilling of premium quality water to save water
    • solar panels installed across the whole roof of the oil mill (680 sq. m.) to save electricity
    • installation of a new oil press line certified (by BIO HELLAS) exclusively for the crushing of organic olives.
    • installation of a modern-technology decanter of two phases in the production line of the Certified Designation of Origin olive oil Lygourio Asklipiou to reduce to a minimum the mill’s effluent.
    • establishing special areas of biological management for the processing of olive by-products
    • financing sustainable mobility between development, agriculture, production, information, research, technology, and innovation so as to be driven into green products and innovative services.

  • Organic Farming Group

    Since 1996, under the auspices of «MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN», a Group of Producers of Organic Olive Farming was set up in order to improve the olive oil cultivations and enter in the certification processes of organic farming.
    • Production of excellent quality olives and olive oil as well as sufficient quantities.
    • Increase of the family income of the organic olive farmers and improvement of their living standards.
    • Effiecient use of land and maıntenance of the friendly relation of agriculture and environment.
    Maintain soil fertility and ecological balance.
    Reduce environmental pollution.

  • Participation in Scientific Studies -Research

    «MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» participates in scientific research for the development of systems enabling direct monitoring and evaluation of quality, safety and properties of food under a concrete research project on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
    This research project is a comprehensive proposal to improve the processes and indicative assessment of the olive oil under the guidance of Mr. Apostolos Kyritsakis, Professor in Food Science in the Michigan State University of the U.S.A., and Director of the School of Food Technology and Nutrition in the Technical University of Thessaloniki. The eminent expert, for many years, on research and teaching issues, with rich scientific work regarding determination of the hydrolytic and oxidative deterioration of olive oil, as well as the determination of its phenolic components.