«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» has an olive oil production unit with an olıve oil press of (2) two production lines (certified organic and certified PDO Lygourio Asklipiou) of an annual productıon capacity of 650 tons.

Οlıve Groves

«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» is established inside an organic olive grove of an area of ​​20 acres, in a low hill-flat land at Lygourio.


«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» is a horizontal and vertical unit with privately-owned
organic olive groves and privately-owned facilities.



«MELAS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN» is an extroverted family business ofdealing with production and standardization of extra virgin olive oil based in Lygourio, next to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus.
Certified with the Food Safety and Quality Assurance Management System ΗACCP - ISO 22000:2018 (TÜV AUSTRIA) the company is a State - of - Art vertical unit consisting of:
  • privately owned organic olive groves at a space of 30 acres
  • privately owned production and storage facilities
  • an olive mill of two (2) production lines covering an area of 500 sq.m., while together with its auxiliary areas a total of ​​1,000 sq.m., with an annual production capacity of 650 tons
  • standardization unit at a space of 650 sq.m. with stainless steel tanks of 100 ton and daily bottling capacity of 20,000 bottles (1 contairer 20 ft / day)
  • covered storage areas for olives, storage silos for defoliation leaves and silos for concentration of pomace, olive oil underground storage tanks in stainless steel, warehouses for packaging materials
  • certified unit for the production of BIO - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (BIO HELLAS S.A.)
  • certified unit for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Protected Designation of Origin PDO Lygourio Asklipiou (AGROCERT)
  • certified unit for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Integrated Agriculture and without any trace of carbon footprint in the environment (AGROCERT)
  • Internationally recognized premium quality olive oils with strong export activity since 1992,
while it is also a unit, which can be visited in its totality throughout the year, operating as a rural tourism unit under the title: "THE GARDEN OF OLIVE TREES".


Olive oil has been used since ancient times to produce perfumes and cosmetics as a valuable commodity for skin and skin health.


Organic Cosmetics from Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Honey



“MELAS-EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN”, presents for the first time on the market certified organic care products for the face and body, based on organic extra virgin olive oil “MELAS”.

Olive oil is a valuable good for the health of skin. Homer had described it as the “liquid gold”.

Olive oil is a true source of beauty and life. The collaboration with the certified laboratory Cavallier LTD-VIRGO TERRA which is a dynamic company manufacturing organic cosmetics products of personal care, creates the NEW PRODUCTS of the biological series “ANASTASIA BIO-CARE”.

The process of certifying organic cosmetic products is performed by the approved and authorized Institute, which aims to produce organic and environmentally friendly cosmetic products based on specific standards.

Organic personal care products should be completely free of chemical origin raw materials.

The biological series “ANASTASIA BIO CARE” of personal care products contains Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of which has the maximum beneficial ingredients to the skin while constituting itself a useful and functional ingredient for the skin.

  • They are ecological and free from ingredients of chemical origin.
  • No animals tested.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer pure products of
high nutritional value aiming to satisfy
the need of the modern consumers
for health and wellness.
Unique products in taste and quality,
able to meet the expectations
of the most demanding customers.

Our vision

Our vision is to establish
in the international market as a model, green
Greek company of integrated management of
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic products
based on olive oil.