Privacy Policy

We at Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN comply with the requirements of the European Regulation’s General Data Protection Regulation (ΕU) 2016/679 and with the effective law 4624/2019 aiming at their maximum protection from improper use as well as leak.

In this context, we took all the necessary organisational and technological measures and we also revised our procedures and policies.

Through this statement, Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN wishes to inform those who get in touch with the enterprise at its headquarters: 3, Η. & A. Sarris road, Ag. Vlassis, Ligourio, Epidaurus ZIP 210 52, by phone +30 2753022274, by its email address: or its:, as well as those who use one or more of its services or its online web page (www., considering their role, for which purpose and on which legal basis processes information that pertain to them and can be used for their direct or indirect identification – that is to say their personal data – and more specifically:

Data categories,
Data sources,
Criteria for defining time period of the data retention
The rights which are provided by the Regulation regarding their personal data and finally,
The policies and the miscellaneous protection measures which are received by at Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN, as well as the personal data safety guarantee which are provided to them by the enterprise.
For this goal, you are kindly requested to spend some time on reading this very statement by Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN.

If you have any questions, wish to receive a copy of this statement or to exert any of the below mentioned rights regarding your personal data, you can get send an email on info@ or call +30 27530 22274.

1. Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN as «Data Controller» of the Personal Data

Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN is an oil mill (oil press packaging), as well as a space of summer hospitality and recreation for beneficial visitors.

The enterprise has at its disposal up to date and fully equipped premises which are framed in secure constructions for the implementation of its activities.

We inform you that in the context of the recreational activities and events that we organize, as well as during daily activities that take place within the enterprise, there is chance of taking pictures or videos, which might be uploaded on our website, after receiving consent, by Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN, for promotional purposes. The Enterprise, in compliance with an administrative decision, will be inspecting the material and rejecting any offensive or non-allowed footage that relates to sensitive social issues.

1.1 Contact data of the Data Controller

Data Controller



Telephone – Fax: +0030 27530 22974


Personal Data Protection Manager:



Telephone – Fax: +0030 27530 22974


2. Subjects and Personal Data Sources

Within its activity, the enterprise collects the personal data that are directly provided by:

workers, producers, suppliers and the enterprise’s collaborators in general, in the context of upgrading our legal conventional relation
the various persons transacting with the enterprise e.g. the oil producers, the event visitors etc.
Personal data are collected automatically by case, as through cookies that are installed during a visit to our website (cookie policy)

3. Personal Data Categories

The personal data that we collect and process, can on case be the following:

Simple data, especially contact information data such as full name, address, telephone number, email etc or personal data that are required for executing a conventional relation such as ID number, Value Added Tax number and so on.
•Sensitive or special Category Data (sensitive) such as health related data, in certain cases, like our workers health data for complying with our obligations towards labor and insurance legislation or the health data of those who participate in our enterprise’s activities (e.g. disabled persons, when there’s a reason for us complying with the corresponding legislation or by case for fulfilling more specific requests of the subjects) for which, when such action is possible, the subject’s explicit consent is received.
4. Processing aim

The reasons for processing your data, on case, are:

to contact you,
to answer your questions,
to fulfill your requests for taking part into our activities as well as various other types of requests,
to inform you about our enterprise activities,
to evaluate your cv/application in order to sign a work or/and project contract,
to enter into contracts with you,
to fulfill our contract generated obligations towards you,
to register you into actions/events organized byΕ.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN,
to implement our legal obligations that steam from the internal and union law,
to manage our activity at the telecommunications sector and finally,
through Closed Circuit Tele Vision (CCTV), to ensure the security of both our facilities and workers towards any third party that enters them illegally, any intrusion from a third party that has no job within it and towards any criminal action targeting the enterprise’s assets and those who legally use its facilities.
5. Legal processing bases

More specific, the legal bases in which we run on case our data processing are the following:
Article 6, paragraph 1a GDPR: when you have consented to the processing of your data, for one or more purposes.
Article 6, paragraph 1b GDPR: when processing is required for executing a contract, in which you are a party or for taking measures at your request before contracting the agreement.
Article 6, paragraph 1c GDPR: when processing is required for us complying with one of our legal obligations in the way it is referred in the Union or National Law.
Article 6, paragraph 1f GDPR: when processing is required for achieving legitimate interests of our enterprise, provided that your interest, your fundamental rights and liberties do not prevail over them, subjected to the data.
Regarding the special category data:

Article 9, paragraph 2a GDPR: When you have consented to the processing of your special category data (health information etc.), for one or more purposes, after we have fully informed you beforehand about them.
Article 9, paragraph 2b GDPR: when processing is required for fulfilling obligations and exercising certain rights of the subjects of the data in the social security sector, provided that it is allowed by the Union or Internal Law.
Regarding criminal conviction and crime related data: Article 10GDPR: when processing is required or imposed by Unit or Internal Law.
6. Personal data transmission outside the European Union

Your personal data are not being transferred outside the European Union.

7. Disclosure to Third Parties

Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN does not proceed to illicit disclosure or transmission of your personal data to third parties. Therefore, we won’t share your data with third parties for commercial promotion related reasons.

For processing the data, we don’t recruit third parties that might offer such service.

We are legally obliged to disclose your data. Such case may occur after a court order or when we collaborate with public authorities and insurance funds such as Manpower Employment Organization (OAED), National Social Security Entity (EFKA) etc., inside the European Union, according to active legal provisions of the Union or Internal Law.

8. Length of your data retention

Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN retains your personal data for as long as the purpose of their processing lasts. After it’s over, the company keeps lawfully your personal data, when it is required, for complying with its legal obligation, deriving from the provisions of the Union and Internal Law, as well as in the case that their retention is required for establishing, exercising or supporting legal claims of the enterprise.

9. Your rights and how to exercise them

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, depending on the legal basis we count upon in order to process your data, you have the following rights:

9.1 Right of Access

You have the right to receive:

α) a confirmation regarding the processing of your data and

β) a copy of that data

In order to submit a request for accessing your personal data, you can submit your request in written form, via email or even verbally. However, we recommend that you submit it in written form or via email, in order for you to be able to monitor the progress of your request.

You may not wish to access all the data that the enterprise has about you. For this reason, defining which data in specific you wish to access, eases and speeds up the whole process.

When you submit a request (for receiving personal data) it is essential for you to include the following information:

Your full name and contact information.
Information used by Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN in order for the enterprise to identify or separate you from people with the same name, such as code etc.
Details or relative dates that will help us identify what you need.
When can Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN decline the fulfillment of the access right request?

The enterprise has the right to decline the fulfillment of the access right request, if your data include a third person’s data, except when:

The third person has consented to the disclosure of his/her data or it has been considered reasonable for you to receive these information without the third person’s consent.
For making such decision, the enterprise will need to adjust your own access right against those of the third person in reference to his/her own information.
The enterprise has also the right to decline the fulfillment of the access right request in case it is explicitly unfounded or abusive.

In every case, the enterprise will notify you along with justifying its decision. It will also have to inform you for your right to submit a complaint to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority or even bring the dispute before the Court.

How long will it take for the enterprise to reply?

Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN is given an one-month deadline for replying to your request. In certain cases, it may need extra time in order to evaluate your request and up to two months for replying. If it is about to use the extra time, the enterprise will inform you within a month for the reason that it needs extra time.

Can the enterprise charge a fee (voucher) in order to fulfill my access right request?

A copy of your personal data will be provided to you with no charge. However, if your request is evaluated as explicitly repeating or undue, you may be charged a fee regarding the administrative costs related to it.

9.2 Right of Information

You also hold the right to be informed by us for the following:

The reason for which Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN processes your data.

To whom is your data be shared or disclosed.
How long your data will be kept and the decision about it.
That you hold the right to question the accuracy of your data, to request their delete, to go against their use, to submit a complaint to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, to be informed about their source, to learn whether they are used for automatic decision making and transmitted to a third country.
9.3 Right of Correction

You hold the right to request a correction of your data, in case they are inaccurate, or the completion of your data when they are incomplete.

In order for you to exercise your right, you must inform Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN that you question the validity and completeness of your personal data. You must define which data are inaccurate or incomplete, explain how the enterprise will have to correct them and to provide us the corresponding proofs of inaccuracies.

When you request us to correct your data, we will check thoroughly whether the data are accurate or not, according to the evidence you will provide us with compared to the ones we already own. Then, we will inform you on whether we have corrected/deleted or filled them. In case we consider that the data’s inaccuracy or incompleteness cannot be justified, we will inform you accordingly, providing at the same time a justification of our decline. If we have disclosed the data to third parties, the enterprise will contact them and inform them for the correction or fill-in of the data, apart from the case that such action is impossible or requires excessive effort. At the same time, if you wish it, we can inform you on which receivers the data was disclosed to.

9.4 Right of Delete

You have the right to request to delete the personal data that concern you, in case you wish these data not to be processed anymore, on condition that there is no legal reason for Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN to possess them as Data Controller.

More specifically, the aforementioned right can be exercised:

When there is a legal basis for your consent, and then you recall that consent. Therefore, as long as there is no other legal basis for processing your data, they must be deleted.
When your data is not totally necessary regarding the purposes for which they were collected or when they are illegally put into processing or when you oppose their processing and there are no imperative and legal reasons for their processing.
And finally, if your data was collected illegally or while you were underage in the context of an on-line provision service.
However, it is noted that it is not an absolute right, since further retention of personal data by Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN, happens to be lawful when it is required for reasons such as to comply with a legal obligation of the enterprise or to found, exercise or support of legal claims.

Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN holds the right to decline the data delete in the following occasions:

When retaining the data is required for free speech and right to information reasons.
When retaining the data is a legal obligation.
When retaining the data is required for public health reasons.
When retaining the data is required for establishing, exercising or defending legal claims.
When deleting your data would significantly hold back or make impossible the processing for scientific or historic purposes.
9.5 Right of Processing Limitation

As an alternative to the right of delete and to the right of opposition, as referred to the following 9.7 section of this very statement, you have the right to ask for a limitation on your data processing, only in the following cases:

When you refer on inaccuracy of your data and the enterprise examines the corresponding request as a Data Controller.
When the processing is illegal.
When the data is no more essential to the processing purpose, but you ask for their retention for the purpose of exercising and defending your legal claims.
When you have exercised the right of opposition andΕ.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN, as a Data Controller, examines the existence of its higher legal benefit.
This right can be exercised in combination with the right of correction and the right of opposition and more specifically:

a) If you request for the correction of your inaccurate data, you can ask for the limitation of its processing for as long as the enterprise examines your correction request or

b) If you request for the opposition right, you can ask at the same time for the limitation of the data processing for as long as Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN examines the opposition request.

9.6 Right to the Data Portability

You have the right to receive your personal data that have undergone processing by Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL, as Data Controller, in a structured, commonly used and universally recognized by machines format (e.g. XML, JSON, CSV, etc.). You also hold the right to ask from the enterprise to transfer this data with no objection directly to another Data Controller.

The right to portability can be exercised by you, only when the conditions below apply concurrently:

Personal data undergo processing via automatic means (printed documents are excluded).
The legal base of the processing is your consent or execution of a contract on which you are a party member (article 6, paragraph 1b GDPR).
Personal data refer to you as a subject of the data and have been generated by you.
Exercising the right does not adversely affect the rights and liberties of other people.
9.7 Right of Opposing

You have the right to oppose at any moment, and for reasons that are related to your particular situation, to the processing of personal data that concern you, when the processing is based on duty that is executed in behalf of the public interest or on the existence of a lawful benefit by the enterprise’s side, including the establishment of a profile.

Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN will ought to stop the aforementioned processing, unless it demonstrates imperative and legal reasons for the processing, which prevail the benefits, rights and liberties of the data subject or for establishing, practicing or defending legal claims.

9.8 Right of non-Automatic Individual Decision Making including Profile creation

If Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN needs to make a decision that generates lawful results for you through the exclusive use of an automatic method, including profile creation, we inform you for the following:

The enterprise, as a Data Collector, can legally make such decision only if you have granted us your explicit consent or when the decision is essential for the synapsis or execution of a contract between us or if this decision is allowed by the Union or National Law which specifies certain measures for the protection of the subject’s rights.

If the aforementioned decision is perceived as essential for the synapsis or execution of a contract between us, hence as Data Collector and you as subject of the data or based on your explicit consent, you have the right to question the decision, so asΕ.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN will be forced to apply certain measures for the protection of your rights, the assurance of human intervention on decision making or the right of opinion expression by you as subject of the data.
If the enterprise is about to proceed into automatic data processing, including a profile creation, during data reception (when it has been collected by another source), it will provide you as well the following information:
Regarding if and to what extent there is automatic decision making taking place, including profile creation.
Regarding the logic that’s been followed
Regarding the meaning and the predicted consequences of the process
Information regarding the subject’s right to opposing, which is defined clearly and separately from any other information.
You entitled, in case profile creation takes place, to ensure the limitation of the processing in whichever of its stages.
Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL will be obliged to erase the corresponding personal data, if the base of the profile creation is your consent about to be recalled or if you practice the right to delete its data, provided that there is no other legal processing base, according to the Regulation.
9.9. How to practice your rights

For any question, and for practicing any of the above rights related to your personal data, can call Mrs Anastasia Serfa, our enterprise’s Manager of Data Protection, on +30 27530 22274 and

In case of practicing one of the above rights, we will take any possible measure for the fulfillment of your request within a reasonable deadline and in one (1) month at the latest since the identification of the submitted request, by informing you in written form about the fulfillment of your request or the reasons that may prevent the practice of the corresponding right or the fulfillment of one or more of your rights, according to the General Data Protection Regulation. It is noted that the fulfilment of your corresponding requests may not be possible as for example when the request’s fulfilment opposes a legal obligation or challenges a conventional legal processing base of your data.

10. Right to submit a Complaint to the Hellenic Personal Data Protection Authority

If you realize that an illegal data processing is taking place or that your personal data related rights have been violated, assuring that you have first contacted the enterprise’s Data Protection Manager for this subject, hence you have practiced your rights towards the enterprise and you haven’’ received a reply within a month (extending the deadline to two months in case of a complicated subject) or you assume that the reply you received is not satisfactory and hence your issue hasn’t been resolved, you can contact the Hellenic Personal data Authority (1-3 Kifissias Avenue, ZIP 11523, Athens,, fax +0030 2106475628. For more information you can also check the Authority’s online portal

11. Personal Data Security

The enterprises applies suitable technical and organisational measures for the assurance of an ideal level of personal data protection in order to avoid damage, loss, corruption, unauthorized access, disclosure or transmission to unauthorized person or institution in any way.

Ε.ΜΕLΑS – EPIDAURUS OLIVE OIL holds schemes of enterpreunal continuity and damage recovery, which periodically tests and keeps up to date. It has also established suitable policies and procedures for the security and protection of the data that it processes.

For this balance, the enterprise has revised the contracts that keeps with processing appliers, so as to conventionally bind them to the respect of your personal data according to GDPR, by receiving and keeping measures that damage, loss, corruption, unauthorised access, disclosure or transmission to unauthorized person or institution, with any means and with the sign of confidentiality clause.

12. Updating – Informing this Privacy Statement

This statement will be revised if it needs to be adjusted to legislation changes, in order to correspond to the comments and needs of the data’s subjects and to changes in products, services and internal functions of our enterprise. Each revision will be published with a simultaneous revision of the last revision’s date on the upper part of this Personal Data Privacy Statement.